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Maida Rose is setting 2022 alight with their unique dream-pop stylings. Emerging from the Dutch seaside city called The Hague; the project is a vehicle for the songwriting partnership of Roos Meijer and Javièr den Leeuw. After spending the past five years writing and recording in the attic of Javièr’s childhood home, the band has finally started sharing their dreampop gems with the world. The duo’s personal experiences of adolescence provided the inspiration for this collection of songs. Their storytelling of love - old and new - and their expressions of depression and other worldly feelings, form a unique musical world. The album, titled ’Tales of Adolescence’, was released on March 25th 2022 and was followed by the band's first headline tour.

If you are into Beach House and Cigarettes After Sex, you’re in for an absolute treat. Melancholic melodies flirt with groovy basslines, allowing you to drift in the dreamy soundscapes they create. Maida Rose’s catchy songs are sure to be stuck in your head for weeks.

In 2021 and 2022 Maida Rose released their first five singles taken from the debut album: ‘Harmony of Heartache’,  'Where Do We Go',  'Within', 'Every Day Is Blue' & 'Fallen'. The songs received positive reviews from international music critics, and were featured in a broad range of Dreampop & Indie playlists.

On February 25th 2022, Maida Rose released 'Fallen' their sixth and last single from the album. The band stated: ’Fallen was the final puzzle piece that was needed to finish our debut album Tales of Adolescence. A song about reminiscing a previous relationship and wondering about why it ended. Written in London, and inspired by William Blake’s poem: The Little Girl Lost, it questions the final moments before going separate ways and takes you on a melancholic dream-pop journey'. The song was played on various radio stations and received positive reviews in international media.

'Such a slow reveal, almost like a heartbeat and that puts us at ease despite all the unease that there is in the world. But the vocals do confirm a certain sadness, actually maybe it is a couple of stages beyond that but we are taken away from mere day-to-day living by the dreampop swirl at the chorus. Makes for a quiet love piece of indie pop, sodden in tears but also a degree of hope which means we can bathe in those glorious periodic swells.'

                                                                                                                                                                                - mp3hugger about 'Harmony of Heartache'

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