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Floating through realms of consciousness, ‘Harmony of Heartache’ is elegant and showcases vibrance in Maida Rose’s future.

- Clout

''Harmony of Heartache'' is the perfect soundtrack to your January blues; a remedy to really sink into. If this band’s debut is anything to go by, we will most definitely look forward to their future releases.

- Turtle Tempo

Such a slow reveal, almost like a heartbeat and that puts us at ease despite all the upheaval that there is in the world.

- Mp3hugger

The muted opening and slowly building heartbeat-esque drum set the stage for Roos’ consoling tones. As the first verse ends, a hesitating moment of silence signals the first shift in tone. Moving away from the near-lullaby sounds, her breathy alto rocks between comfort and counsel. Concern floods every line.

- Unxigned

The song is essentially a sonic hug, and as we have been made aware time and time again, this a moment in history when we really need a hug. A feat of self-production, we look forward to hearing more from Maida Rose after this thoughtful and tender debut. 

- Hard of Hearing

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